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Jerry McGill Lives His Life On The Rock

Co-owner of the Rock Fitness has the key to good health
On the right, local fitness instructor Jerry McGill is seen with friend Haskle Good, Jr. McGill is a co-owner of the Rock Fitness in Lincolnton.
On the right, local fitness instructor Jerry McGill is seen with friend Haskle Good, Jr. McGill is a co-owner of the Rock Fitness in Lincolnton.
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LINCOLNTON––You might say Jerry McGill is Rock-solid.

One look at this muscular athlete––one of three co-owners of the Rock Fitness in Lincolnton––will show you that McGill is one guy who definitely knows how to take care of himself. He successfully combined that love of physical fitness with his business savvy in order to form one third of a trinity of trimness (with business partners Chip Stewart and Kendy Pound) as an owner of the two-location local fitness enterprise. Comprised of more than 22,000 combined square feet, both locations feature state-of-the-art fitness equipment, top-notch trainers and the freedom to work out according to your schedule.

McGill told us more about it this week. As he explained, the original fitness center, All-American Fitness, was established by Stewart in 2001. Eight years later, the name was changed to the Rock Fitness when McGill came in as a new partner. In 2011, Pound, who was teaching group fitness classes, was brought in as a third partner when the decision was made to add a second location.

“Our original location, situated on NC-27 East, serves members from the eastern side of the county through Boger City,” McGill explained. “We strategically opened the Rock II nearer to the Lincolnton city limits and the western side of the county to draw members in from those areas.”

McGill added that he, Pound and Stewart are all from the local area, and they have children who are either graduates of or are currently enrolled in such local schools as Lincolnton and North Lincoln high schools.  

Rock Fitness co-owner Kendra Bynum Pound is joined here on the left by her twin sister, Kelly.

Mens sana in corpore sano

What inspired McGill to go into the business of physical fitness? As he explained, it ties in with the link between physical fitness and spiritual fitness.

“Our inspiration for opening the Rock Fitness is based on our passion for helping others,” he revealed. “While the physical benefits of exercise are obvious, we as owners and staff also promote the positivity of stress relief and mental clarity improvements our customers experience. Our goal is to provide the best work-out equipment and overall experience to our customers in a welcoming Christian atmosphere.

“A Christian atmosphere to us is defined as serving others,” he continued. “We as owners and staff make it our purpose to show our members the love of Christ in all that we do and say. It is not an uncommon experience to see an employee or another member taking the time to pray with or to just listen to people who are going through hard times. Life is tough. We try to offer a refuge for our members to come to and leave feeling less stress and more hope.”

Being a blessing

McGill, his partners and staffers seek thus to be a blessing to others.

“If our clients are coming for weight loss, health, fighting depression or any of the exercise benefits, it’s always a blessing to help them achieve the goals that can literally change a person’s life,” said McGill. “Fitness and a gym membership mean different things to different people. Our goal is to offer a variety to appeal to everyone. We offer a variety of group fitness classes for those who are looking to find motivation from working out with other people. We offer a large area of cardio equipment for those who are looking for that. For those who are looking to weight-train, we have anything you need, from the beginner level to those who compete. We also have trainers to help beginners get started or offer added nutritional support for those who are on a weight-loss journey.”

Of special personal significance is Psalm 18. McGill explicated this further, quoting part of this Psalm.

“‘The Lord is my Rock and my Fortress and my Deliverer; my God and my Strength,’” he said. “Our prayer is that members of the facility come to know our Lord and Saviour in this way.”

And to the good folks of Lincoln County, McGill extended his gratitude. He added that the Rock Fitness is a partner with the Lincoln County Schools, the Lincolnton Police and Fire departments, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, first responders, Atrium Health and more.

“We appreciate the support of the community for all these years,” he said, “as we continue to try and offer more each year and for years to come!”

The Rock Fitness is co-located in Lincolnton at 1577 N. Aspen St. and 3095 NC-27 East. Check out the Website to learn more at www.therockfit.com.


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