June 4, 2024 at 4:03 p.m.
Graduation 2024

Garrison Dull Among The Best At LCS

This Eagle is flying off to Clemson University, come August
Dressed in his cap and gown, Garrison Dull shows off his diploma.
Dressed in his cap and gown, Garrison Dull shows off his diploma.
(Photos Courtesy Garrison Dull)

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DENVER––He’s among the best in the class of ’24 at Lincoln Charter School’s Denver campus.

He is Garrison Dull, the only child of Matt and Denise Dull. The young graduate told us more about himself Sunday. Garrison Dull said he immensely enjoyed his time at Lincoln Charter.

“There really wasn’t a class that I didn’t like,” he said. “I enjoyed math, personal finance and physics. I loved anything that I could think through, be hands-on with or solve.”

Dull also extolled his teachers.

“I have been influenced by many people,” he said, “and wish that I could talk about everyone. I first want to shout out my AP (advanced-placement) calculus and AP stats teacher, Mr. (Walt) Watson. I have had the pleasure to be in his class year-round for one period last year and two periods this year. Not only has he taught math but also important lessons about character. Mr. Watson, even when battling cancer, showed up, put in extra hours and always gave us his best.

“I also would like to talk about my personal finance teacher, Mr. (Kyle) Dooley,” he continued. “At first, this class was something I did not want to take. It turned into my favorite class as I learned how to invest, take out loans responsibly, use credit cards and just overall life skills. I learned a lot of useful lessons, as well as making lots of jokes.”

Last but not least, Dull cited principal Trisha Amos and student dean LeQuan McCorkle.

“I had Mrs. Amos in sixth grade,” said Dull, “and she was one of my favorite teachers. I had the pleasure to have her for my senior year as well. From helping us with our pranks to hanging out with us, playing pickleball on senior days, I can’t say thanks enough for all that she has done for our school. The same can be said for Mr. McCorkle always showing support, genuinely caring and helping people, all while having fun with us.”

An Eagle Scout, Dull was also much involved in extra-curricular activities at LCS. He was a core team leader for its chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a member of student government (the Eagle Advisory Council), captain of both the varsity lacrosse and wrestling teams and a member of the National Honor Society.

Come August, Dull will be off to Clemson University.

“Go, Tigers!” he enthused.

At Clemson, he plans to pursue a mechanical or automotive engineering degree. A decade hence, he hopes to have a job he enjoys and a project car. Perhaps he’ll also be starting a family.

Dull offered good advice to the class of 2024.

“See the good,” he said, “and love others in all that you do. I think that it is important to hold yourself accountable, establishing goals for yourself, but most importantly giving your all to whatever it may be. I think that if you show up, you should show out––not being cocky or arrogant but truly trying your best. This leads into always seeing the good or getting something out of everything you do. You may have lost a game, which sucks. But your friends scored their first goals, and now you see what to improve on as a team. There is always a positive perspective, and you would be surprised where that can take you. At the end of the day, the most important advice I have is to love––not just saying love but truly acting it out with what you do. Forgiving, growing and being genuine provide something that is much needed in our world.”

Dull loves to be involved and to volunteer.

“Over my senior year, I accumulated more than 450 hours of service,” he revealed. “I love working in after-school care and being a mentor in our Big Eagle-Little Eagle program. I have even stepped into being the mascot on occasion to bring smiles around on field day. Serving others is just a small way that I can continue to show the love that was first shown to me.”

Dull stands at the ready on the lacrosse field. He captained the varsity team.

Dull is joined here by some of his fellow classmates at Lincoln Charter School.


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