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Cambrie Lloyd, Others To Exhibit May 16

Runs through June 8 at Lincoln Cultural Center
Cambrie Lloyd
Cambrie Lloyd
(Photos Courtesy Cambrie Lloyd)

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LINCOLNTON––Lincolnton-based artist Cambrie Lloyd and other local artists will exhibit May 16-June 8.

Called “A Walk in the Woods,” the exhibition will run May 16-June 8. The place to be is in the Carolina Mills Gallery of the Lincoln Cultural Center at 403 E. Main St. in Lincolnton. 

The little girl in Cambrie Lloyd’s painting here appears to be walking right into the woods. And appropriately enough, that’s the name of the upcoming exhibition featuring works by Lloyd and other artists: “A Walk in the Woods.”

The exhibition’s opening reception will be held on Saturday, May 18, 4-7 p.m., according to Lloyd. Closed Sunday and Monday, the gallery’s regular hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Wednesday and Saturday, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Those wishing to see the exhibition, featuring paintings and photographs, should use the building’s North Cedar Street entrance.

According to friend Mona Ramsey of Crouse, this is the inaugural exhibition for Lloyd, a barista at Fausto Coffee in downtown Lincolnton.

“She is a really sweet person,” Ramsey enthused, “and this is the first time that she has done anything like this. I love to see young people taking on community events!”

On Monday, Lloyd told The Herald more about herself and her love of painting.

“I’ve always been creative,” she said. “I still have a lot of my old works from when I was little. Creativity is something we are all born with. Although some of us might not be the best with a brush, there’s something we can all bring to the table through our perspective, skills and the way we are willing to do things differently.”

This landscape is also among Lloyd’s works.

Lloyd said watercolors are her favorite medium, and she especially likes:

“The way it’s uncontrollable; free, yet there’s still so much depth you can bring when you go slow, adding light layers. I think it’s like life: you have to take it slow, and just do a few more almost unnoticeable steps at a time. But eventually, it becomes something beautiful. It encourages me to be more conscious in my art and to appreciate the texture and the process; to appreciate the feeling the brush has in my hand and the excitement that making something brings to my soul.”

Lloyd said she was looking forward to the “Walk in the Woods” exhibition.

“One thing I’m truly passionate about is community,” she said. “I feel that having ‘your people’ will not only encourage you to be more authentic yourself, but also, it will help you grow.”

She cited Proverbs 27:17: “Iron sharpeneth iron…” 

This is a reference to how friends can build up and support each other, and she tied this in with the upcoming exhibition.

“I think it’s something most people have heard,” she said of the Scripture. “But people rarely acknowledge how important being with like-minded people is, so I guess I’m most looking forward to artists getting to be seen; to have an opportunity to talk to each other; and showing the whole community the love, time and passion they put into their works and also seeing the joy their art can bring to someone else!”

This wilderness camping photograph is the work of noted Lincolnton-based photographer Robert Webb.  This beautiful waterfall was also among the stunning images captured by Webb.

To other young, aspiring artists, Lloyd offers good advice.

“Just create,” she said, “and get to know yourself. Art is about your perspective on the world. Don’t worry about making ‘good’ art. Good art is meaningful to you and the others who appreciate it.”

Asked what she most enjoys about painting, Lloyd said:

“The lack of expectation. I rarely start a painting with everything mapped out. I think there’s something beautiful when you start a piece. It’s like going on a trip, and when you’re finished, you’ve connected to it. You’ve been through the ups and downs.

“I’d like to thank my community,” she added, “the support I’ve had from other artists and my friends. The joy and stories people have told me about their works and their appreciation of art have fueled the passion I have for art, seeing the value it has in so many people’s lives.”


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